Power Videos

If a picture can paint a thousand words, how much a video can?

Statistics Videos are the new era of teaching and learning. Honestly, I understand my lessons more in videos than my teachers have taught me during classes. It is also maybe because our mind is more likely to retain pictures than words.

It is more engaging for audiences rather than traditional teaching (classroom lecture type). If a video is embedded in the website, visitors can just click and watch the videos to learn what is your site all about and what are the services being offered. It may be costly, but effective.

Retention is one basic factor a consumer could have, and this is easily achieved by videos. This is accomplished if the videos have a great production design. Many experts assert that viewer engagement is maximized by chunked content and short (<6 minutes) videos. In fact, this seems to be one of the few best practices that are widely accepted, but educators should make sure that the actual content of the topic is not misinterpreted or misunderstood.

It is astonishing that the modern day learners have this medium to learn

There are so many ways to learn, the only question is, how you would like it to be.


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Home cooking saves your wallet, Big time!

Nothing beats a home cooked meal. Cooking for oneself satisfies not only your food cravings but also your budget.

In the U.S., the birthplace of fast food, Americans eat fewer than 70 percent of their meals at home, and less than a third of American families eat meals together more than twice a week, according to Emory University.

In a fast moving generation today, we cope up by patronizing instantly prepared ones. We are all that busy that we can’t even cook our food. This is an alarming situation that needs to be adjusted. We work to earn money, but we buy food in restaurants or fast food chains that cost us more. The mentioned facts are contradicting.

Packaged and prepared meals cost you considerably more than cooking with raw ingredients at home. Preparing meals at home can save you money. Chef Laura Stec, in her cookbook, Cool Cuisine, notes that just by bringing your home-cooked leftovers to work for lunch can save you a cool $100 each month.

Buying food in restaurants are costly since they are doing business and their goal is n eat-out habit.

One more reason eating at home is better, and you don’t need to have a long drive to the restaurant which will save your wallet from buying gas for your car, paying for laundry for the clothes you wore and the tip you’ll give the server. That’s a couple of dollars if I may say.

It is beneficial if we all try to learn how to cook. Start with the simplest one, fried eggs. You may burn it at first, but remember, some good chefs have a share of their burnt eggs too. We should always try to push ourselves to accomplish and learn something. It will not only save our belly from too much fat but also make our wallets corpulent.

Other ways to save money include buying your food in bulk, using store coupons, eating more vegetarian meals, buying on sale and freezing for later use.



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In the world full of stress, it can be gleaned that almost everybody is living in a fast pacing scenario. Personally, I don’t even realize where do the past 26 years of my life go that I felt so empty now.

Even the 14 years old now have relationships and claims that they found their “forever.” Why does everybody be obsessed in finding their “forever” by the way?!

I’m 26, and pressure from family and other close relatives of not having a boyfriend is slowly building up. I know the feeling of being in love, but I don’t know who the right one for me is (but I know who not the right one is)

One random day, a friend introduced me to a dating app (Tinder, which I don’t recommend it especially to gullible people), which the primary purpose is to meet somebody who might me the one. I used the app for just a couple of weeks because it is quite annoying.

It was just a simple app where in you chose the guy you like, and if he likes you back you’re a match! I had 20+ matches but talked to only a few. Until one day, a match caught my attention because he didn’t greet me in a usual “hi” or “hello” way.

We only had a night of conversation, but he was able to make me laugh so hard. Yup, his humor is making my shield disappear. In the end, he disarmed me. I am starting to like him slowly. He is intelligent, good sense of humor and very straightforward. He is so honest (I think, how you can validate honesty from a stranger, right?).

He was open at the very start that being in a relationship is not in his mind (or that’s what I think). But what can I do, I am falling, yup guys! I’m 26 and still falling for a guy I just met on the internet, a guy whom I barely know, I never saw or talked to even on the phone.

I liked him, and you can’t imagine how I liked him. The day came, and we met. He went to pick me up in my condo; the guard won’t let him in to wait in the lobby because I didn’t give him my unit number for security reasons. So I came down and went to him. He looked just like in pictures, and he is 3 centimeters taller than me, so cute.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek (I didn’t saw that coming, my reflexes are so dumb and flirt). He took me to a dessert shop, surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all, nothing. I felt nothing. But when we are on our way, I was sending my best friend all the details I know about him because who knows I might end up a raped victim in a river.

He was trying to converse with me; I responded normally but every time there is dead air, I keep on assessing myself, “what am I doing?”. “The night might not end up well, and you know what might happened so don’t deny it.”

I made a record that girls shouldn’t follow; the generation now should be aware that instant things don’t end like fairy tales. I grew up watching fairy tales and dramas. I thought I could change his mind and his heart. I thought I can make him interested in me, but I was terribly wrong.

I slept with him, at first, I was reading his gestures if he is planning to take me to bed. Then yep, he did. He kissed me; I felt nothing. He hugged me; I felt nothing. He caressed me; I felt nothing. Yup! I liked him, but I wasn’t turned on. So why do I still did it? Because I’m stupid, 17 years of going to school, and one year in Masters, and still I’m dumb as a potato. Shame on my tuition fees.

I don’t know if I am insensitive or one night stand is not my thing. In the first place, I won’t go out with this guy if I don’t like him. But he wanted more, and it’s different from what I like. I thought going to bed with him will make him like me, want me, interested in me, and love me.

I thought sharing the sheets will disarm him too, but nope. He was sweet in bed, good in bed, gentle in bed but HE DIDNT LOVED ME AFTER!

The cherry got popped, and nothing happened. He came and left without a trace. The only thing he gave me is worries if I will get pregnant (although I’m on mini-pills). Nothing more, nothing less. And guys, hold on, the sad part is, after everything, I STILL LIKED HIM, AND IT GREW STRONGER AS EVER.

Yup, I am emotionally unstable, I thought I can do it. I thought I could just brush it off. But nope. Nah uh, can’t be undone. Cherries that are popped and permanent and can’t be unpopped. The only lesson I want you to get from this is sure you are ready to handle the emotional hassle in giving your virginity to random people or even to your partner. Elders says give it to your husband, how sure are you that your husband will be your forever? So there is no particular person whom others can accurately dictate you that he should get you pop.

Even how strong you think you like him, think about it many times until you get sick about the thought of it.  I don’t question with whom you’ll give it I just want to warn you about the attachment after. I was ready for everything except for this attachment thing. It doesn’t come off in days, weeks or months.

This story should have been beautiful if he likes me too, but Barny’s song is not always right (you love me, I love you). The 8 hours I was with him is spectacular and if you ask me again if I’m going to do it again, I will (because I like him this much). He will always be with me forever; It might not be a mutual relationship, but I think I found my “the best thing I never had.” ='(